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Live games - the new table game format that’s becoming very popular in the online casino industry as its presentation of action than in the traditional casino venues. This type of game offers you the most joy and excitement that you can’t find in any other games. It has a very interesting concept offering live streaming from real casino studios where the games are hosted by the human dealers. Players are able to interact with these professional sexy dealers and play along with the other players in the same table and round. We can say this is the most exciting online casino game when compared with the other types. The competition of attractive and profitable provider offers are the best proof that this game grows very fast and becomes very popular!


Live games attract a huge number of players who love gambling. Not only because they were attracted by the sexy dealers, but with the higher payback percentage that nobody can deny that it’s a very attractive amount of winnings! This article will give you more reasons why you should go for the Live games.

•    Enjoying against human dealers & other players - as we have mentioned in the above article, Live games allow their players to interact with the dealers. Not just that but you can also play along with the other players in the same table. This is the reason why players love this game, because it give them the most exciting and thrilling gambling experience than others.

•    Play on the go - players are able to play Live games anywhere and anytime they want as it supports on both desktop and mobile devices, some providers even allow you to play directly on the website without downloading needed. So you can enjoy the feeling like you’re gambling in the real casino without having to leave your home.

•    High payback percentage - Online live games offer you a very attractive payout rate when compared to the other online games or land-based table games. And with a very small budget you can start playing, every player can become a lucrative winner with no high stake needed!

•    Cutting-edge tech – Live games take players to the whole new level with the high technology and advanced system. HD quality of the live streaming, you are even able to see the action from the different angles, giving you the feeling like you’re playing in the real casino!



SAGABET98 - The best Indonesian online casino where you can enjoy playing with the top leading game providers whether it is JOKER | LEJEN | PRAGMATIC PLAY | PG SOFT -  the most exclusive platforms that give you a big chance to win huge rewards! These platforms will give you the best experience of online gaming; SLOTS, FISHING, E-GAMES, and LIVE GAMES are available for you to get fun and grab your winnings unlimitedly all 24/7! 


With the most advanced system support, you can play on both Android & iOS smartphones and desktop devices. The special thing about these platforms is that they allow players to enjoy it on the website without having to download it. This is very convenient because you don’t have to waste your data storage to save the game, also your time. With hundreds of high payback percentage games that come with special interesting features they created to help players win more rewards more easily, we guarantee you will receive full of enjoyment and excitement along the time you’re playing on these platforms!




The most popular card game of all time! Baccarat attracts many players to join in many forms whether it is land-based or online casinos, both virtual and live versions. The special thing about Live Baccarat is that you can enjoy the most exciting moment with the live streaming from the real casino studio that’s hosted by professional human dealers. You are even able to play along with the other players in the same table. Just bet whether Player or Banker wins. And grab your winnings right away. Visit Joker Gaming website now to observe in depth at live Baccarat tables without any deposit required!


​​The famous classic dice game that’s originated from China! In Sic Bo game players have a high chance to win as it allows you to bet on multiple results. Once the bets are placed, the dealer will activate the shaker machine and make the dice rolls in the small glass dome which you can clearly see what’s going on inside. After the shaker stops, the dealers will announce the outcome number. If you are a player who bet with the correct result, you will accordingly receive the winnings. This is one of the easiest table games that you should try if you want to get fun and win big! 


Another easy live table game to win, Dragon Tiger comes with a very simple and easy way to play - 2 cards dealt, 1 to Dragon side and 1 to Tiger side. The one with the higher number on the card will be the winner in the game. And what players have to do is just betting on which the winner side is. If you bet with the right winner, you will receive your rewards right away. We told you it’s very easy! It normally takes only 1 minute to finish each round. This game is very suitable for the players who don’t like the long game and complicated rules. And that’s why it has become very popular among the players who love online casino games! 



Enjoy playing with the best & most trustworthy online casino, SAGABET98!!! Register for a membership to get your username and password to play our fun games and grab your winnings unlimitedly right now!

Only 5 minutes that you need for completing the registration and you can play all fun games right away whether it is Slots, Fishing, E-games, or Live games. Win easily with many promotions you can join here and grab our special bonuses before anyone. The system supports both mobile and desktop devices that are very convenient for you to play anywhere and anytime you want. The minimum deposit & withdrawal is very small! Even if you have a small budget, you can also get a chance to win big right here!

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