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This is the type of game that has a variety of options that won’t absolutely get you bored! Just use your fingertips to scroll through your screen and get the excitement & enjoyable experience in Online E-games! There are various table games available in this category, you can choose whether it is Baccarat, Blackjack, Poker, Roulette, Sic Bo, Dragon Tiger, Fan Tan, etc. The games were created with the HD quality visuals that will make you impressed! With the simple rules as same as the land-based casino game but higher payback percentage you will be stunned. No need to go out of your comfort zone, you can fully enjoy playing anywhere and anytime you want!


If you are seeking an online casino game that challenges your skills, E-games are one of the best choices we would recommend! In this category, you will find many interesting gambling games that will give you the best of joy and excitement as they require more than your luck to win but also skills and talent. That’s why it becomes more interesting compared with other types of casino games! Here are some other advantages of online casino E-games;

1.  Available 24/7 - of course it is online, you can enjoy playing anywhere and anytime all 24/7.

2.  Higher payback percentage - E-games always come with a higher payout when compared with land-based casino games. 

3.  Play Instantly - you can play right away without having to wait until the table is available because it will always be available for you here in online casino E-games!

4.  Higher number of selections - not just 1 Baccarat Game or 1 Roulette game you can play, but there are more with different styles and visuals that you can choose up to which you like!

5.  Smaller stake amount - in online E-games you can start to play and win with a very small budget. While land-based table games normally require higher stakes.

6.  FREE play - you don’t even need money to play online E-games, the free trial is always available for you to try on the website. And if you want, you can also play with real money!

7.  Comfortable environment - no loud/obnoxious patrons disrupting while you’re playing.



SAGABET98 - The best Indonesian online casino where you can enjoy playing with the top leading game providers whether it is JOKER | LEJEN | PRAGMATIC PLAY | PG SOFT -  the most exclusive platforms that give you a big chance to win huge rewards! These platforms will give you the best experience of online gaming; SLOTS, FISHING, E-GAMES, and LIVE GAMES are available for you to get fun and grab your winnings unlimitedly all 24/7! 


With the most advanced system support, you can play on both Android & iOS smartphones and desktop devices. The special thing about these platforms is that they allow players to enjoy it on the website without having to download it. This is very convenient because you don’t have to waste your data storage to save the game, also your time. With hundreds of high payback percentage games that come with special interesting features they created to help players win more rewards more easily, we guarantee you will receive full of enjoyment and excitement along the time you’re playing on these platforms!




A very popular online table game that’s generated from an ancient Chinese time. The 3D version of Sic Bo is available for you to play on Joker Gaming & Lejen websites. With the simple and easy rules, you don’t have to worry about how to play because even if you're the new player, you will be able to understand and win easily. What you have to do is just placing your bet on the possible outcomes of the 3 dice. And the speciality of this game is that you will get more chances to win as you can bet on multiple outcomes. And if you bet on the correct result, you will receive your rewards accordingly!  


Roulette is one of the most classic games of all time. It is well-known for its excitingly spinning moment. A well-paid game with such a world-class entertainment pattern. No surprise why it can attract many players in both land-based and online casinos. The rules are very simple, players have to place your bet on the results that you think the ball will fall into. You are allowed to bet on multiple outcomes like the Sic Bo game. And this is why players like to play Roulette. Because they have a higher chance to win as many as the bet they place. If you want to experience the most exciting moment, we recommend this game.


If you like Baccarat, we’re sure you will also love this game! Dragon Tiger has a similar rule to play with Baccarat. Actually, it’s even easier to play as this game will only consider the winning results by using only one card, while the Baccarat game will consider from 2-3 cards. The card will be dealt to Dragon and Tiger, 1 for each side. And the one with the higher number on the card will be the winner. What players have to do is just betting which side will be the winner. The sequence of cards will not be determined in this game (spade, heart, diamond, and club). On the other hand; A, J, Q, K are equal to 1, 11, 12, 13 respectively; and the other cards are equal to the numbers showing on them.



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